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Chance of hospitalization - example
Prediction & Action

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Predicting hospitalizations and future outcomes, Blue also classifies the risk group, with actions for each.
Risk group
Code red
Anticipating predicted procedures can be an ideal action to avoid worsening the condition.
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Risk group
Code Blue
Primary care is the indicated action. Chronic or recurrent spenders employees may be represented by code Blue.
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Risk group
Code green
Health management is the best option for employees considered to be of low or moderate risk.
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Is Blue for me?
    Yes, Blue is for you:

  • Health Insurance
  • Broker
  • Company
How does the predictions actually works?
    They work in just two steps. First, Blue receives your health insurance's database through your own company, broker or directly from the health insurance. Second, Blue learns from this history what the next year should look like according 3 predictive models:

  • 1. Model to predict how much a given population (company, for example) should spend on health, as a whole.
  • 2. Model to predict the risk of a person having serious claims in the next year.
  • 3. Model to predict which are the most atypical and probable procedures, those that are worth avoiding, to be performed by each person.
What kind of data is needed to begin with the predictions?
    In order to predict the procedures of the future, the only thing Blue needs is to know the procedures of the past. To make the forecasts possible it is necessary to have at least 1 year of historical data on your health insurance's database.
But is it real Artificial Inteligence, or is just another BI?
    Yes, for sure it is. At Blue all the information is always about predictions a year ahead. That is why Blue is purely an artificial intelligence, which is concerned with giving you only the most relevant information about the future.
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